Join a group of like-minded people wanting to explore and dive deeper into healing, knowledge, and empowerment. IDH offers several different teleclasses for you to choose from.  See what interests you, you never know what might inspire you.

Say Hello to Your Inner Self
1-2 Hour call
$197.00 | View next teleclass here

Say hello to your inner self and learn how to listen to your intuition. Understand that you are an intuitive being and yes you can tap into your intuition. In this call, we will learn how to quiet the mind using different techniques and how to tap into your intuition, or high self. I will walk you through how to recognize different ways of understanding the information that is coming to you. Are you receiving ego based information or divinely based information from your inner self.

You will leave feeling like you belong. That your intuition is real, and that you can and do have a “knowing”. Learn to allow yourself to be guided by your intuition, your instincts, follow your own guidance and know you are going in the right direction.

Aspects of a Goddess
1-2 Hour Call
$47.00 per call / $150.00 for all 4 classes | View next teleclass here

Join me and a group of women, as we come together as sister Goddesses and tap into the energy of the goddess. Find which goddess resonates with you and what the Goddesses have to say as I do individual readings for each one on the call. Each call during our 4 weeks together we will go over all the aspects of a goddess, as well as how to embrace your inner Goddess.

Every week you will leave with a better understanding of, I am a Goddess and I am a powerful being!

Chakra Clearing and Healing
1-2 Hour Call
$297.00 for all 7 classes | View next teleclass here

In this 7 week journey of the 7 major chakras, we will explore what they are, how they affect the body, the energy body and our well-being. We will dive into how they become blocked leaving us feeling stuck, insecure and unconnected. I will use my intuitive abilities to channel information of what could be keeping you stuck. We will clear and unblock these energy wheels within the body.

This journey through the chakras will leave you feeling balanced, connected, and happy and with a sense of understanding of what is going on with you and letting go of what doesn’t serve you. As we explore one chakra each week, you will feel divinely guided, more in tune with yourself and a deeper connection to the universe and to your high self.

Mastermind your sexuality and become a better lover
1 Hour Call
$197.00 | View next teleclass here

In this information packed hour, we will dive into the sexual psyche of you and how you can tap into your inner master lover. You will learn tantric secrets to help you discover your own desires and become a better lover. Learn how to maximize your time together with your partner. Bring your intimacy to a whole new level, creating a deeper connection, and a sense of satisfaction you’ve never experienced before. We will discuss communicating, kissing, touching, breath, intention and orgasm.

You will leave with confidence knowing that you have some new techniques up your sleeve, as well as some tantric secrets for enjoying better love making, longer love making and how to wow your partner.

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