Energy Healing
We all have these energy centers, “wheels” or “chakras” inside of us. We store emotion and experiences in these energy centers and they can become blocked. I use different influences to clear and re-energize your chakras. Clear unwanted energy and set yourself free!

Group calls: I explain the chakras and what they can become blocked with. I tap into your specific energy field and look at what may be blocking you. 7 Week training and clearing diving into each energy center.

Group class: 1 day event – Combines all the chakras into one 4 hour class. We will start out discussing the 1st chakra, base chakra, or root chakra. Discussing how it becomes blocked, how it relates to you in life, how it is connected to fear and security. 2nd chakra, sacral chakra, or the desire chakra. How this one is linked to your desires, guilt, and creativity. 3rd chakra, solar plexus, or power chakra. We will discuss how it manifests within your life. How it can leave you feeling powerless or powerful.  4th chakra, or heart chakra. We will discuss how it affects you in more than just relationships. 5th chakra, or throat chakra. This chakra is our voice, and we discuss how this chakra can become blocked. Ever have that “lump in your throat” that is a blocked throat chakra.  6th chakra, 3rd eye chakra, or intuition chakra. We will discuss connecting to your high self and how when this chakra is blocked you can feel unconnected.  7th chakra, or crown chakra, and how this chakra opens us up to the connection of all things for greater insight and wisdom. We will end the day with a meditation connecting all the chakras together. We will close with a puja helping and healing each other.


Special events: 5 week program – Designed to clear and unblock your chakras and gain a better understanding of how they influence you. (Check calendar for locations and times) This is a 5 class event, 1 class a month for an hour, where we start out with an overview, dive into each chakra in the following classes then ending with a puja. Meditation and clearing. You leave each class with knowledge of how to clear and unblock your own chakras.

Watch for scheduled event.

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