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Kimberly really knows how to tap into people’s feelings and intuitions.  She truly feels your energy and clears what is blocking your flow.  Kimberly is extraordinary in how she can guide you in relationships, problems, and career.  Since knowing Kimberly, my life has completely changed for the better. I have a better understanding of energy, recognizing my intuition, and being more in a positive flow of life.


I had the pleasure of meeting Kimberly Anderson at a local business event where she presented to a group of women business owners. Her presentation and interactive process she guided us through inspired me to begin writing again. After months of talking a lot about guest blogging, I actually published more articles on ThriveGlobal in one month, than I had the entire previous year.

If you’re looking to shift out of your limiting beliefs that are holding you back from doing what you know you need to do reach out to Kimberly today! She’s intuitive, funny and will help you propel yourself into action!

Samantha K.

Kimberly has a desire to help woman after trauma or to just help women strengthen their self-esteem.  It was a day to focus on your strengths, boost your weakness.  It focused on emotional wellbeing, health, business, and much more.  Kimberly puts so much into her workshops.  It was much more than I expected!

Staria Manos

Kimberly has impressively guided me through my mindset, enabling me to succeed in the things I have struggled with my whole life. Even when I’ve tried in the past myself, I ‘ve been left with frustration and in denial of my failure. Now I am able to move forward with confidence and clarity that I can do it, from changing my mindset to changing my eating habits. I now have inner strength from your programs. I am able to relate what you have taught me into all parts of my life, including in my relationships. I am better able to communicate and step back before reacting. I don’t feel I am taking baby steps, to me baby steps are floundering, willy-nilly and unbalanced. I am taking adult steps with direction and that has given me balance in my life.

I have always started things with enthusiasm and optimism but left with suffering, anguish and overwhelm when trying to achieve goals. You have given me tools to succeed without feeling empty first or grief. You have shown me such a positive influence, I feel guided in such a way that has empowered me. I no longer stumble and fall, I learn in grace.

Helen B.

I believed in energy, but after working with you, I really believe now.  Your class was so incredible, I totally feel better and plan on implementing all you taught me into my life.

Michelle M.

I love the meditation Kimberly does, it penetrates into you.  The way her voice carries the words, the sound of her voice takes you into that deep relaxation, releasing all the “stuff” that you need to get rid of.  I always look forward to working with her.

Cyndi L.

Kimberly, you have given me such amazing insight. I have literally have taken everything you have taught me and implemented it into my life. I have become a better person, I have learned not to waste my time worrying about things that won’t ultimately matter. I am so grateful for all you have shown me, taught me and I can’t thank you enough.  

Beth K.

Kimberly Anderson is a gifted intuitive, it has been a joy and an honor working with her as she has so much wisdom and insight to share. Because of her high level of accuracy, compassion, and integrity. I highly recommend her work!

Anne Deidre

Bestselling Author, Artist, Speaker, Intuitive Life Coach

Kimberly has more integrity and tenacity than most people I have ever met.  She is capable of bringing such meaning into your life.  Her word is her word, and she encourages you by being your biggest cheerleader.  She empowers you when you didn’t even realize you were wavering.  Kimberly’s dedication to your inner health and your success is evident in how she helps you and helps you to see the bigger picture and she approaches your issues without judgment.

Marie T.

I contacted Kimberly after my separation. From the first minute Kimberly sat down with me, she spoke to me with so much compassion. As a result of Kimberly’s coaching, I have been able to become more focused and have a more positive outlook, all having a major impact on my life and the people around me.

Mark B.

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