These seminars are designed to enlighten, awaken and move you. They were created to bring a better understanding of yourself, and your relationships. IDH seminars will give you the tools and techniques to awaken the God/Goddess energy within you, enhance your love life (adult programs), arouse curiosity about how to increase your intuition and start using it in your life.

For Women

Unleash Your Inner Goddess

G3: Goddess To The 3rd Power

Are you ready to converge with your tribe of Sister Goddesses, to align with your authentic self, step into your power, speak your truth, expand into who you are meant to be and Unleash Your inner Goddess?

Then join us for this magical 3-day retreat where you will leave feeling loved, recharged, and inspired to launch yourself to the next level!

Divine Feminine

 In this retreat and workshop, we will come together as sister Goddesses. We will empower each other through our Shakti, learn from each other. Empowered with Goddess readings, you will also learn about flower power, learning your yes/no, meditation and self-love. Learn about the female orgasm. Chakra energy healing. This weekend is open to 18+. Space is limited.

Goddess Workshop

Discover the Goddess within!

For Men



This Retreat/Workshop is the opposite and balance of the Unleash Your Inner Goddess Retreat. This was something I feel spirit really lead me to create. There is a huge need for men of all ages to be more open and expand their mind, body and spirit to help them evolve. I love teaching men how to embrace their power and still be gentle and to understand they have both the yin and yang energy within them.

For Couples

Meet Me In Love

Meet Me In Love Couples Retreat…Ready to take your relationship to the next level?  Getaway, break free and focus on each other.   Indulge yourselves in playtime, relaxed settings and the sweetness of you… Sexy. Yummy. Delicious

My Beloved

 I work with my intuitive gifts bringing together the twin flame tantric retreat where I work with Gods and Goddesses facilitating the twin flame energy. Whether you come with your twin flame or you come with your partner and you are looking to bring in deep passion. This powerful retreat will teach you how to honor yourself, your partner and to pull in twin flame energy using tantric secrets, energy and intention. Prereq: Meet Me in Love retreat.


Chakra Clearing & Energy

Release what is no longer serving you.  Blending Chakra Clearing and guided meditation for an enlightening and healing experience.

Check the calendar for upcoming events.

Transformation through artistic meditation

 Combining guided meditation with an artistic activity creates an extraordinary way for powerful transformation.

Growing Into Consciousness

This age-appropriate workshop is for the youth. Growing into consciousness, understanding your self-worth, your body, energy, intention, relationships and how we impact one another. This inspiring workshop helps to identify who you really are, your desires and how to grow into Magnificence. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you have the workshops?

Check the calendar they are offered a few times throughout the year.

How often are the retreats?

The different retreats are usually only offered once a year.  Check the calendar or send me a message to find out if any retreats are coming up that haven’t been launched yet.

Any questions?

You are always welcomed to email me at for any questions you need to be answered.

What is Meet Me In Love?

This couples retreat gives you the opportunity to get away, break free and focus on each other.   Indulge yourselves in playtime, relaxed settings and the sweetness of you… Sexy. Yummy. Delicious  

This retreat is also a prereq for My Beloved.

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